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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to The Pattern Files! I'm guessing you want to create your own projects from the patterns I've posted up here, on Feather's Charm. Well, congratulations on starting your independent crochet and knitting journey! Let's get started then. So, before you dive into these patterns, remember that these are all designed to be simple and easy to follow. If they aren't just drop me a message and let me know what you don't get, and if I can, I'll update these patterns to make them easier to understand. If not, I'll see I can help you directly, and help you to understand what I mean by what I've written.

Now, if you want a quick look at the abbreviations that many crocheters use in their patterns, or if you want quick tutorials, without the extra information, or you want to take a look at some of my tips and tricks, and download them for yourselves, then head over to The Knitting Room. You'll find text images, the dictionary of abbreviations and (once I get started on filming my own tutorials) video loop tutorials on how to create the stitches used in crochet and knitting.

Or, you're after the detailed posts on how to create the stitches used in these patterns, an in-depth look at a crochet master's techniques, and reviews on what I've used so far, then head on over to The Yarn Box. You'll find all of my old posts there and browse the in-depth explanations of what to do for these crochet patterns and patterns from other crafters.

Choose Your Pattern

Before you start, I know it's looking bare at the moment, but please bear with me, because I am in the middle of creating new patterns for you and making them look amazing for you guys! So keep an eye on this page, because I will be uploading new patterns soon!