Craft Supplies

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to The Pencil Case! Why is this page called The Pencil Case? Well, a pencil case stores pencils, pens, erasers (rubbers as we call it in the UK), sharpeners, glue sticks and all kinds of craft supplies right? Well, that's what you're getting here! This is basically the archives for all my craft posts on the "Get Crafty" section of the Crafty Corner. So, all my baking experiments, my bullet journal inspirations, my painting and drawing (or more like, doodling) trials and whatever other types of crafts I try out. You bet they're all here! That way you don't have to keep searching on the main blog page, and strolling through all those extra posts for the other sections! They're all here! So, get those aprons on, ready those paint palettes and let's get crafting!

Oh, and if you've been paying attention to the "Get Crafty" page, you'll find that I feature tips and tricks, some more general than others, there. If you want to take a look at them in all their glory, in one place, instead of wondering what I'd said the month before, check out The Baking Tin! You'll find all my tips and tricks lined up and ready for you to download to your computer or phone, so that you can continue being inspired for your next project, without having to keep my website up and running! So, go ahead an check them out if you want, I've linked the page below!