It's Study Time

Welcome to the Study Room!

As a filmmaker there are many things I have to do research on, and because I have a curious mind, I've decided to take up some "lessons". Every day I'm learning something new, and I have no one I can share this knowledge with.

So, I've decided to share them here. I am a big fan of learning and education. After all I've spent most of my life at school (well...most as in I'm not old enough yet to say I'm old). That's why I still like learning, and I hope you guys learn with me.

What Have We Learned Today?


I don't know about you, but I'm a geek about a lot of things, and languages are one of them. So, the three languages I'll be studying are:




So, find the section that tickles your fancy and see if you know what I know!

Ancient Civilisations

Who doesn't love a good fantasy about ow the world was made? That's why I'm studying them. The big three I will be studying are:

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Ancient Egypt

So let's gear up and discover these ancient histories!

If You'd Like To Contribute...

As someone who loves creating things, I'm always up for new and inspiring creative projects. However, I can't do the work all by myself. So, if you're interested in craft projects, creative writing, baking, knitting and crochet, or film, then have a go at creating something new! If you have a great idea, please feel free to submit them here on Feather's Charm! If you're not sure about whether or not you should, then you're always welcome to contact me and ask! Just head on over to the "Contact Me" page and send me your messages, and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

Otherwise, you can always check me out on social media. I'm mostly on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, so if you can't find me here, then buzz me on these other platforms, and I'll be sure to reply to you!

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