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It's Study Time

Welcome to the Study Room!

As a filmmaker there are many things I have to do research on, and because I have a curious mind, I've decided to take up some "lessons". Every day I'm learning something new, and I have no one I can share this knowledge with.

So, I've decided to share them here. I am a big fan of learning and education. After all I've spent most of my life at school (well...most as in I'm not old enough yet to say I'm old). That's why I still like learning, and I hope you guys learn with me.


I don't know about you, but I'm a geek about a lot of things, and languages are one of them. So, the three languages I'll be studying are:




So, find the section that tickles your fancy and see if you know what I know!

Ancient Civilisations

Who doesn't love a good fantasy about ow the world was made? That's why I'm studying them. The big three I will be studying are:

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Ancient Egypt

So let's gear up and discover these ancient histories!

What Have We Learned Today?