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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to The Yarn Box! So, if you're here it's because you want to revisit my old posts, about crochet and knitting. Well, you can find them all here! Congratulations on starting your knitting and crochet journey! I know you guys are going to love it! Don't worry, each post focuses on one thing at a time, so you guys can focus on perfecting your techniques as best you can.

Now, if you want a quick look at the abbreviations that many crocheters use in their patterns, or if you want quick tutorials, without the extra information, or you want to take a look at some of my tips and tricks, and download them for yourselves, then head over to The Knitting Room. You'll find text images, the dictionary of abbreviations and (once I get started on filming my own tutorials) video loop tutorials on how to create the stitches used in crochet and knitting.

Of course, if you're after patterns, you won't find them here...well...you'll find some of them here, but not all of them. These posts are either reviews, a deeper look into the techniques of a crochet master and in-depth tutorials for common stitches and (once I've mastered them myself) those more decorative and difficult stitches. So, if you want patterns, head on over to The Pattern Files, because you'll find them all there, including all of the ones I showcase in some of my posts, as well as some patterns I think you guys could do for yourselves, and create your own projects, whatever they may be.