Crochet, knitting and pretty much any needlework craft is and can be very therapeutic. It helps with being productive and can keep you busy when you're bored. That's why for ten years, at least, I have been crocheting. Most of the time, it's because I just want to make something. I know a lot of you out there are beginners, so I'll give you a few tips and tricks.

Now, I know some of you are eager to get your hands on some knitting needles, so let's do this. I'll also post up some easy patterns that even those who aren't familiar with crochet abbreviations can try. 

So watch this space, if you want to try your hand at crochet or knitting.

Yarns, Needles and a Pattern

Dictionary Corner


Inc = Increase

If you're making a piece of clothing, a granny square, or a stuffed toy , you're most likely to see this abbreviation. It means that you need to increase the number of stitches in that row, to increase the size of your piece. Usually, the stitch you're already using, is the stitch you need to use, for the increase. Most of the time it's either a SC or a DC, and normally, the increase means that, instead of making a stitch in the next space or chain, you're making 2.

Tip Of The Month

If you have some yarn left, from your yarn balls, don't throw them away. Chances are, you can use them in other projects, like making hollow lampshades for large fairy lights or your light fixtures. You can make decorative balls to fill your extra glass jars. You can use them in gift wrapping, or as grips for handles. There are many uses for yarn, other than knitting and crochet. It just takes a little imagination.

Image by Giulia Bertelli

Show Me How It's Done

Practice is the best way to learn how to crochet and knit, and most other crafts, for that matter, but there are times where theory and knowledge factor in too. So watch out for the articles that feature the how's, why's and some favourite patterns of mine.

Article Of The Month

The Knitting Room

Ok, so I know there are many abbreviations in crochet and knitting, and while I've mentioned them before, I know that you guys will want to remember what they are. So, I've compiled all that I know here in the Knitting Room. So if you come across an abbreviation or a stitch you don't know, you'll find the quick tutorials here! Oh yeah, and all my little tips and tricks!

Image by Anastasia Zhenina
The Yarn Box

So, if you're down here, looking for my previous posts, then you've come to the right place. If you can't find the post you want, in my blog, because there are so many, check out all of my previous knit and crochet posts here! They're all here, so get going! Have fun making somethign new! So, let's get to knitting! Choose your colour and needle size and get knitting and crocheting with me!

The Pattern Files

Now, if you don't want to navigate patterns, tutorials or abbreviations, you'll find all my patterns here. So, all the PDF versions of each pattern, from small flowers, friendship bracelets, and crochet and knitting elements to cushion covers, blankets, bags and tapestries, you'll find them here. Of course, these are the free patterns, ones that I feel like you guys could easily do. For those that are much harder, check the Charm Shop.

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