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My Bullet Journal Journey | Episode 2 | June

Hello Everyone!

I know this post is very late, but I still wanted to make a follow-up for this video. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the video below, or head over to my YouTube channel, where you can find my latest bullet journal videos and all the others that I make. It’s worth a watch!

Ok, so if you’ve seen both the First Pages episode, and this episode, you’ll know I created these spreads roughly around the same time as each other, and many of the colour schemes, pens, and materials I’ve used in this spread will be just like the ones I used in my First Pages episode. So, check that blog post out, if you want to know what materials I’ve used. Now, on with this one!

Let’s Start With The Title

So, for the title page, I wanted to do something simple, but decorative and cute. I had initially wanted to do a whole "succulents and cactus" kind of theme, as I did for previous years when I managed to maintain my bullet journal, but I thought I’d change it up for once. I’d seen circular designs like this one, many times, and I really wanted to give it a try.

June Spread Title Page

Normally, I would be discouraged by any design that isn’t made of straight lines, because I can never get the curves right, without a compass or a circular ruler, but I decided to give it a go, and it’s not that bad! I’m pretty proud of this one because it’s simple but stylistic and cute! I might even attempt this style again, with some of my other themes.

Monthly Overview And Tracker

So, for my Monthly Overview, I thought I’d keep part of the layouts I’ve done before, with a calendar on one side, with a list of “days of note”, so this includes birthdays, appointments, deadlines, events, and everything in between. In previous spreads, I would also include a key for symbols that I’d fill the calendar with, but I decided against it because I didn’t want to clutter up the calendar.

So, instead, I filled the space with my monthly tasks, as I didn’t have too many monthly tasks, I needed to keep track of. In the past, I included a lot of personal tasks, like body care, house chores and the like, but this year I wanted to not include this in my journal, so I thought I’d leave that out. However, as the month progressed, it was clear that I also wanted to include them in my journal, so eventually, I did start including them in my task lists.

Monthly Overview & Trackers

As for the Monthly Tracker, I was debating whether or not to create these, as I was fine with my previous layout, but since my Monthly Tasks box was moved to the Monthly Overview page, I had to think of a different layout, to cover this. So, I decided to track my follower count for the month, since it'll help me with creating my content.

This part of the journal has been rather exciting for me because I know now what kind of content you guys like, and it helps remind me to keep up my schedule and routine. So, I think I will keep this layout for the rest of my bullet journal; not only that but it’s also very useful because I know which platforms I need to work on more, and which ones I just need to maintain. So, please keep liking my videos, and following me! It really helps a lot!

Weekly Spreads

Week 1

Here comes the meaty part of the month, the weekly spreads. For the most part, the layout is the same, with each page split into 2, with the outer edges dedicated to my trackers, lists and whatever else I need for the week, and the inner edges dedicated to the main body of my planner (meaning the daily tasks, the deadlines, events and whatever I have planned for the day).

Week 2

When I first created these spreads, they looked pretty cute and neat. They were clean…but if you’ve seen my July spread video, you’ll know it does get messy once I started writing in it. So, it's not the best layout for me. Nevertheless, I do still like this layout. I like having my tasks in the middle of the double pages, so they’re the first thing I see, and my trackers and logs, on the outer edges, are like little reminders for me.

Week 3

Now, I do like consistency, but I also like being a little spontaneous sometimes. So, I thought it would be a good idea to change up the main colours of each spread. If you’ve noticed, the header for each week is different (for the daily task parts). I thought this would be a good idea at first, but as I started using the journal, I realised I did like consistency more than spontaneity. So, I won’t be doing that again, but I have to admit, it did make things interesting.

Week 4

In the end, these spreads were very useful, and I do love the look, so I will go back to this layout sometime soon. Maybe not the design itself, but the actual placements of my trackers and task boxes. It’s a simple layout, but it’s also very effective because it forces me to shorten my description of each task I need, so I don’t have to read through paragraphs of words, as I do tend to overly describe things. It helps me to stay clear, concise, and efficient.

Week 5

You might also notice that in the video, I leave blank spaces, on the edges of the spreads, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do there. At first, I thought I’d just doodle the roses that are a running theme in this month’s spread, but I decided against that because it meant that I needed to spend time to do that, and right now, with both my day job, and this blog, I don’t have that time. So, instead, I chose to create a weekly sleep log, and a “Word of the Week” box. I’m a writer, after all, and I come across words I’m not familiar with, all the time. So, this box was very useful for me.

Monthly Review

Last but not least, I created a Monthly Review page. This is where I write my personal thoughts on how the month went, how successful it was or what could be improved on, or why I felt like the month just wasn’t my month. It depends on how the month went (which…spoiler alert…was amazing!).

Monthly Review

I also include the totals for the number of habits I managed to complete throughout the month. So, I tally up all the days I successfully tracked things like my water intake, my gym activities, meditation, sleep and even habits for Feather’s Charm. I think this part is important for me because I know I won’t be able to clear a whole month of activities, but I can always try, and these tallies, help remind me of that.

That's It For June; Next Time July

And that’s the June spreads done! I promise I will get the July video follow-up post up here very soon. I just need to find time to write the article. Anyway, as you’ve also noticed, the design for June is similar to my First Pages design. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do something different until I actually sat down and started creating the spreads. It eventually became the same kind of design, and although I didn’t want to do that at first, I’m actually happy it turned out the way it did. It’s very cute, messy, and just like me!

Ok, now that is really it. Time to roll the credits!



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Well, that’s it from me today! I’ll be back next time with more bullet journal ideas, tips, tricks and trends to inspire you with your journal. Also, remember to like, subscribe, follow, and share this post, my website, and my social media channels, to get the latest updates and the newest posts from me! I’ll see you guys soon.

And as always, be kind, be creative, and be unique!

I'll see you later!

Feather out!

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