Learn, Work, Play

There are times when I feel like writing about something unrelated to anything productive. Sometimes I'd like to write about a meditation technique I learned, or a yoga sequence I've tried, or perhaps about a lifestyle choice I made.


That's where this page comes in. I'm not talking about giving advice, because everyone's lives are different, but perhaps there might be a lesson or two that could be learned from what I've experienced.


So, if you're feeling stuck, or blue, maybe you'll find an article that speaks to you, and maybe these articles could open a discussion between all of us, about what could be done, or what should be done in these situations.

Welcome, to a day in the life of Feather!

Want My Advice?

If you get stuck for an idea, say you're working on a proposal, and you don't know how to carry on with it. Put it to one side, and start another one. It doesn't have to be for the same thing, it can be a completely outrageous proposal for something that ridiculous.

Chances are, while you're writing out, essentially, nonsense, you'll probably find the idea that you've been missing, in your original proposal. Sometimes writing something completely bonkers can help when you're stuck.

Image by Tengyart

What Happened Today?

From all the articles I've written, I might have a highlighted experience that might bring inspiration, or a lesson. Regardless, there is always something to learn from experiences, no matter how big or small it may be. For example, you could take a walk in the park, and come across a thought, or you could have had a fight with someone and learned not to repeat the same mistake. So stick around, there might be something you could learn from these experiences too.

Article Of The Month

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