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My Bullet Journal Journey | Episode 1 | First Pages

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the first follow-up post for this section! If you haven’t already checked out my YouTube Channel, I post up videos once a month, to showcase my own bullet journal, and hopefully inspire you to create your own.

This video was uploaded back in May, as a pre-cursor to my monthly videos, and it highlights the first pages of my bullet journal and what I thought was important to me, this year. If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend you watch it, so you can use it for your own bullet journal.

Before I dive into what I’m doing in this video, remember, this is what inspired me, and what I was thinking at the time I made this journal. Halfway through these spreads, I may choose to change it up and go in a completely different direction than what I had originally planned, and that’s ok.

Example of a Bullet Journal

With a bullet journal, there is no right answer, you just make it up as you go along, and somewhere down the line, you might change your mind. Don’t hold back, go and do what you want to do with your journal, because it is yours and no one else’s. As the saying goes, “You’re only limited by your imagination”.

Let’s Make A Bullet Journal!

Ok, so you already know the gist, let’s start at the very beginning. Now, I was supposed to create and use this journal in March, and in fact, it wasn’t the journal you see in the video at all. I had planned on using a completely different journal altogether.

If you must know, I had planned on using the Leuchtturm 1917 – B5 Port Red Notebook, but when I filmed the spreads I’d made in it, I did not like it one bit. It was too chaotic, and not at all refined, like I had wanted it to be.

Leuchtturm 1917 - B5 Port Red Notebook

So, I started again, and still, I was frustrated with it. Eventually, I decided to forgo using that journal and opted for one that I have had my eye on for 5 years! The one you see in the video is the Bayou Emerald – Open Spine – A5 Dotted Bullet Journal by Citrus Book Bindery (don’t worry, I’ll list all the materials I’ve used below), and I am absolutely in love!

Bayou Emerald Journal by Citrus Book Bindery

The reason why is that it is fully customed! I chose the type of paper I wanted in the journal, the number of pages, the size of the dots, and even the spine (you can choose the type of spine you want!). If you don’t know the company, I highly recommend you check them out. They have amazing journals in their collection!

I could literally spend all day looking at their journal covers and planning which journal I want next (I have my eye on a Cosmos pattern – since I love my astrology!). Anyway, let’s get on with the actual spreads!

The Title

When I first created the title page, I knew I wanted the whole calligraphic style and the roses doodles that you see dotted around the place, but I wasn’t too sure how I wanted to actually start it. So, I went safe with washi tape and stickers.

Main Cover For My Bullet Journal

Now the washi tape I used, I actually bought that from Etsy (I know I said I couldn’t remember, but I lied!), from the store Beagle and Hare Designs. It was part of a set of 10, that they used to stock, and it was originally called “Set of 10 Birds, Butterflies and Flowers”, but having taken a look recently, they no longer stock these. Of course, that's not to say you can't find similar ones online.

I had already used up most of the other washi tape in that collection, on my previous journals, and that roll was the only one left. So, I thought I could use it for the title page since it was in line with the theme I was going for when I filmed this back in late March/early April.

The stickers that I had placed on top were actually two different things. The little cinnamon sticks (which I shouldn’t have placed there, it doesn’t really go, but now that it’s there, I can’t do much about it), are actually from a roll of washi tape I’d bought from The Washi Tape Shop. This one was also part of a set, and this was called “5 Piece Dessert Time Washi Tape”.

Receipt for Washi Tape

Again, they no longer stock these, so you may not be able to find them elsewhere, but like the other stores I’ve mentioned, they’re worth a look, because they do some really cute washi tape that I will buy eventually…when I’ve used up the stores I have.

The other sticker, of the woman, again, I bought this from Etsy, from a store called Bluebell Hill Crafts. Unlike the others, this one is still in stock, and it’s under the name “Illustrated people stickers for modern journaling and scrapbooking, washi paper people” …I’m not making this up, that’s literally what the product name is.

Description Of Stickers

Anyway, I do love these stickers, because they’re just so versatile. I can use them in my bullet journal, in my junk journal, and for any other journals, I might have (like an affirmations journal, or a word-of-the-day journal!). I highly recommend these stickers.

The Future Log

There were so many ways I could have created this future log. I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to do, at the start. I thought I would split the pages into 3, with a small space at the top, for the calendars, and the overview of the three months, below, but that would take up too much space and too much time to make.

My second choice was to vertically separate the pages, but again, too much time and effort. In the end, I chose to split the pages into six, so it only took up 2 pages, and because I wanted to keep it simple and clean, it was the perfect layout for my future log.

Future Log of My Bullet Journal

Now, for this page, and for all my other pages, I use the Arteza Real Brush Pens, in Rouge Pink, Peach and Crocodile Green. I even throw in some Coffee in there too!

I also use the Uniball Uni-Pin Fineliner Pens, which I highly recommend, if you’re on a budget and you want to get your lines just the right amount of thickness.

Uniball Uni-Pin Pens

Finally, I use the Staedtler Fibre Tip pens, both the Triplus and the Double-Ended pens, as alternatives to other pens (like the Arteza fineliners and markers – don’t get me wrong, I will eventually use them, but right now, I’m broke, so the cheap alternatives will do for now.).

The Trackers And Logs

As I mention in the video, I wanted to focus my bullet journal on my blog and channel, so the main trackers I created at the front of the journal were related to the videos, articles, and projects I wanted to showcase on my blog.

Feather's Charm Trackers

So, I created trackers for the videos I post up, so I can see how consistent, or inconsistent, I am with them. I also created trackers for the articles I write and the crafts projects I make.

And I carried through the paint swatch titles, the roses, leaves and dots and stars that I’d doodled for the future log and title page. I wanted my journal this year to be more consistent, than my previous journals.

Trackers And Logs

For the most part, my trackers and logs are much simpler than the ones I’ve seen in other journals because I was rather busy when I created these spreads (I was still working full-time when I created these logs). Not only that, but I have a feeling I’m going to need the whole pages for each one, and I may even need to create Dutch doors to continue using them, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The Last Quote

Now, I had one page left over, because I find it a little difficult to create a monthly cover page on the left side of a spread. So, I decided to decorate the last page with a motivational quote, so I remember to keep going and not to give up.

Final Quote

I’m a big fan of music, and I thought this affirmation was the perfect one, for this journal, because I know that I am unique, and reminding myself that I have my own personality and talents helps me keep motivated, so I can keep making new videos and amazing content for you guys!

It’s Credit Time

Well, that’s it for the first pages of this journal. If you haven’t kept up, I’ve already uploaded June’s pages as well, and I will create a follow-up article for it as well, but for now, this is it! I have started using the journal regularly, but only time will tell if I actually finish it. Let’s hope I do!

Oh, and don’t worry, here’s a list of all the things I used for this journal:



Alternatives found on Amazon

Real Brush Pens - Rouge Pink/A190, Peach/A116, Crocodile Green/A126, Coffee/A134

Washi Tape And Stickers

Set of 10 Birds, Butterflies and Flowers

Illustrated people stickers for modern journaling and scrapbooking, washi paper people

5 Piece Dessert Time Washi Tape

Well, that’s it from me today! I’ll be back next time with more bullet journal ideas, tips, tricks and trends to inspire you with your journal. Also, remember to like, subscribe, follow, and share this post, my website, and my social media channels, to get the latest updates and the newest posts from me! I’ll see you guys soon.

And as always, be kind, be creative, and be unique!

With love,

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