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Top 10 Tips For Crochet Beginners

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Hello everyone!

Here’s another first post for a new section here on Feather’s Charm! Today, I’ll be showing you 10 tips for crochet beginners. That’s right, if you’re just starting to crochet, I have 10 tips for you, to make your projects look like you’ve been crocheting your whole life!

10 tips for crochet beginners

So, let’s get started.

1. Use A Foundation Single Crochet Rather Than A Foundation Chain

Many patterns will instruct you to make a foundation chain, however long it requires. While this is the standard, there’s a better way to start your projects. Start with a foundation single crochet. This will help keep the shape of the chain and stretch out your project, for those that are wearable. So, if you’re making a sweater, top, or dress, use a foundation single crochet, to keep the stretch and to keep the project’s shape.

2. Use A Magic Ring For Circular Projects

There are some patterns that I would rather do, with a closed middle. Of course, there are some patterns that require an open ring, like some lace patterns or granny squares, but for many patterns like baskets, coasters, placemats and hats, a closed middle is the best option. Use a magic ring for that. They’re best used with 6 or 8-stitch beginnings.

Magic Ring

3. Always Start With Simple Patterns

Get used to the different types of stitches, with simple patterns. Even if they’re repetitive and boring, you can change it up with different colours, or make a picture out of the. Single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, and treble crochet are the most common, most used, and most beloved stitches in all the crochet world. So, get used to them by making simple items like coasters, potholders and even plushies!

4. Weave The Yarn Around Your Fingers

So often I see crocheters just wind their yarn around their index finger, and it bugs me because that means their tension will be too loose. Of course, sometimes, that’s what they want, but not when you’re making something that requires a certain type of tension. I would suggest weaving the yarn around your fingers, to help keep the tension you need in your project. However you decide to weave it is up to you.

Weave Your Yarn

5. Use Stitch Markers When Working In Continuous Rounds

I’m not a fan of working in continuous rounds, but there are times when I have to, especially when I’m making a plushie or a hat. Sometimes the closed rounds can make a hexagonal shape, rather than a round one. So, working in continuous rounds can help keep that circular shape. Of course, when you do, you need to know where the beginning of the round is, so you know where to end it. Use stitch markers to help with that. You can use an actual stitch marker, or crochet around something small, like another piece of yarn. That way, you’ll know where the beginning of the round is.

6. Save Your Leftover Yarn For Scrappers Projects

One of the most wasteful things I did, as a beginner, was to throw away the leftover yarn I had, especially if they didn’t make a ball or had enough to make something else. I realised later that I could create other things with those scraps, like multi-coloured granny squares or a blanket. Scrapper’s projects are great for that arts and crafts look in your home, and you can be sure that someone out there will want your scrapper’s projects, for their aesthetic. So, use those scraps to make something unique.

Save The Leftovers

7. Practice With Gauges Before Starting A Project

If you’re working on a project that requires a certain size, like clothing, for example, you need to know what the exact measurements are, because you may end up creating a piece that’s either too big or too small for you. So, practice with gauges before you start a project. They are essentially pieces of the main pattern that fit a certain size (usually it’s 4” x 4” or 10cm x 10cm). This will help you understand if your tension is too tight or too loose or if you’re using the wrong hook.

8. Sew The Ends In

When you’re done with a project, chances are you’ve got lots of thread hanging off the back of your work. Sometimes this is intentional, especially if you’re trying to make a fringe, but for the most part, no one wants to see them. So, sew them into your work. Take a darning needle, and feed the yarn into your work. Don’t just weave the ends in and out of the stitches, sew them through the stitches themselves.

Weave In Your Ends

9. Understand Whether A Turning Chain Counts Or Not

For some of us, it can be frustrating to understand whether a turning chain counts as a stitch. And yes, there are times when it does and when it doesn’t. Sigoni at Sigoni Macaroni best explains when a turning chain does and doesn’t count as a stitch, so check out her tutorial. Of course, sometimes, pattern designers will tell you if your turning chain does count, but this doesn’t always happen, and you may need to figure this out for yourself.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Unravel Your Work

Unlike in knitting when, if you miss a stitch, unravelling could undo hours, even weeks of hard work, unravelling your work in crochet is normal, and is usually expected, because you’re bound to make a mistake somewhere, but that’s ok, you can just unravel your work to that part and start from there. Usually, crochet stitches are sturdier, so even if you unravel your work, you won’t undo the stitches you worked so hard on (unless you made a mistake at the very beginning, which, if you were paying close attention, you’d most likely notice soon enough).

Moss Stitch

There Are Your Top 10 Tips For Crochet Beginners

One last thing, before you start your crocheting projects, remember to have fun! Crochet is a therapeutic activity, if you’re not enjoying it, then what’s the point of learning? Of course, it does require a lot of hand-eye coordination, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be crocheting with your eyes closed or doing it while you’re watching your favourite show, or even when you’re out and about. You’ll soon become addicted to making your own clothes, blankets, hats and maybe some storage baskets!

Happy crocheting!

Well, that’s it from me today, I’ll be back next time with another crochet post for you, which might be a crochet tutorial, or I might explain other parts of crochet that might confuse a lot of people (even me, sometimes). And don’t forget to like, subscribe, share and follow me here on this website, on my YouTube Channel and on my social media channel.

And as always, be kind, be creative, and be unique!

With love,

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