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Image by Giulia Bertelli

Welcome To The Crafty Corner

I am an avid crocheter and knitter, and I love making new things for myself and for everyone around me, and what better place to show them what I do, and how easy or hard it is to complete than here? So, join me as I knit, crochet, bake, journal and write for projects I hope one day to sell!

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My Latest Project

Project Update - April 2022.png

I have been working on this thing for nearly a year, and I've only just managed to get more than halfway through it! I'm hoping it'll be completed and hanging on our wall by the end of the year...if I can be consistent enough to keep working on it.

Of course, life does get in the way, but nevertheless, it's still fun to see the picture just magically appear from those little x's the thread makes. There is also one last thing I need to do before it's fully complete, and that's back-stitching...and boy does this thing need a lot of it!

Crafts Project
Image by Estée Janssens

Create Those Spreads With Some Magic

If you're starting a bullet journal, start simple. It may seem boring to you, and you know you can do more, but don't burn yourself out starting with a complicated design. You need to make journaling a habit before you can experiment.

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