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Hello Everyone

Welcome to Feather's Charm. If you're an interior designing fan, or you're into arts and crafts, or if you just have an interest in life and travel, then stick around! I am all three and have so much inspiration and ideas I just need to share it with you!

The Latest On YouTube

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up."

- Thomas Edison

The Design Studio

I am not an interior designer, by any means, but I am inspired by so many different designs, I may as well use that inspiration in my Sims Builds, and in my own home and life. So if you're looking to spruce up your home, learn how to better organise your space, or find a new home for your Sims, in the game, then join me here in my design space.

My Latest Design 

Modern Desert Retreat _ Sims 4 - Stop Motion Build _ No CC-1.png

The Crafty Corner

Ever since I was little, I've loved creating things, especially through arts and crafts. Mind you, I was never an expert, but it's a good experience. So, join me as I create, bake and write pieces of art (or what I think is art).

My Latest Project

10. My Bullet Journal Journey.png

The School Of Life

Like a lot of other people, I have a lot of advice to give. Sometimes it's because I experienced it myself, or I have heard it from others. Nevertheless, if you're looking for some motivation, why not listen? Maybe I can help.

My Latest Life Highlight




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