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7 Tips To Creating Your Home's Aesthetics

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time again, to take a look at how to design your home, without the help of a professional. Obviously, I’m not a professional myself, but after playing The Sims for so long, and using it to make and decorate my own dream homes, I will be sharing with you what I think should go into a home to make it aesthetically pleasing. So, here are my top 3 tips to creating your home’s aesthetic and how you can play into it.

1.   Choose A Colour Palette

Colour Palettes for your home's aesthetic

One of the best ways to figuring out your home’s aesthetic is to choose a colour palette first. Now, sometimes, this can depend on the architecture of the home, and its exteriors. After all, you might want it to match the way the building looks. Other times, you might have different colour palettes for each room of the house. Whatever you choose, make sure you have a colour palette, with one dominant colour, and two or three accent colours that can break up the monotony of the room.

2.   Match or Contrast Furniture

Contrasting Furniture

Once you have the colour palette down, and what colour will be the dominant one, it’s time to choose the right furniture. Essentially, you want the colours of the furniture to match the dominant colour, or get as close to it as possible, then any other accent features, should surround it, to complement it, which can either match the dominant colour, but be in a darker or lighter shade, or completely contrast it. For example, if you have a dark green sofa, accentuate it with a couple of sage green, mustard yellow or royal purple cushions. The lighter green will match the surface of the sofa, while they mustard and purple will contrast it, making the sofa look and feel more rounded.

3.   Add Nature

House Plants

No matter if you’re going for the maximalist look, or the minimalist one, you will need to add some form of nature to your home, whether it’s a small succulent or a massive indoor garden. Nature adds that touch of comfort and cosiness. It breaks up the harsh lines of the walls, tiles or furniture. Even a modern or futuristic home will need some form of plant life, to make the space warm and inviting. After all, there’s nothing more bone chilling as a monochromatic room, with no presence of life in it (unless you’re the type to like that type of room). So, add a plant or two to each room, to make it a more inviting space.

4.   Mix Up The Textures


If you want a minimalistic look, then maybe choose up to three different textures for the room, like wood, metal and leather. However, if you want the cosiness of a warm and inviting home, then choose up to 5 (to mirror the 5 senses). You can have wooden floors, metal fixings for your furniture, leather for your seats, fur blankets and maybe some knitted cushions. You could even switch out the leather for velvet, or even the fur blankets with knitted blankets, and silk or satin cushion covers. Whatever look you’re going for, mix up your textures, so that it invites you and your guests to want to feel them and even wrap yourselves in these textures.

5.   Find The Right Light

Light Bulbs

Windows are a necessity in every home, whether it’s an apartment, a standard 2-bed house or a mansion, every home must have a window, if not in each room, then in most and especially in your public spaces (like the living room or the kitchen). So, you’ll need to base the aesthetic of your room to the amount of light the room gets. If it’s a small window, at the top of the wall, and barely any light comes through, you might want to think about installing mood lights, like LED strips, fairy lights, or even standing lamps that emit enough light to create a certain atmosphere. The room doesn’t need to feel like a cave, it could be made into something cosy, like a secret cabin hideout. You could install fairy lights, and have a TV monitor that projects a fireplace, to give it that warm and cosy feel. You could create a cool game room with funky LED strips. Use the right lighting setup, to create certain moods in your home.

6.   Choose Multi-Purpose Storage


If there’s one thing I want for any dream home, it would be multi-purpose storage. There’s nothing I find more vexing than a plastic storage box sitting in the corner of a room, collecting dust. It just looks ugly, especially the translucent/transparent ones that don’t really fit in with any aesthetic, except in an office or storage room. So, find storage that you can use, not only as storage, but as decorative pieces, or even furniture. You can find ottomans that can be storage boxes. Maybe find old wooden chests that can also act as side tables or coffee tables. You can even build your own multi-purpose units, like making a bookcase around your sofa, or up-cycling crates to make a coffee table/bookshelf. Whatever you do, try to find ways to create multi-purpose storage in your home, it’ll free up space and make for great furniture and/or talking points!

7.   Decorations, Decorations, Decorations!

Home Decor

I cannot say it enough. Decorations! Decorations like small figurines, ornaments and even paintings and posters, help to make a home feel more lived in and personalised. Of course, you don’t want to have too many lying around, otherwise your decorations will take up space that you really need. If anything, have one or two pieces dotted about each room. For example, you could have a small abstract piece sitting on a bookshelf, or a macrame hanging on a plain white wall. You could even have decorative candle holders and scented candles, to add to that homey feel. Whatever aesthetic you choose, make sure you have decorations and ornaments that complement your aesthetic.

Start Creating Your Home's Aesthetics

Well, there you have it. Your 7 tips to creating your home’s aesthetic. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the same throughout the home. You don’t need to have the same aesthetic for each room. In fact, it would make your home more interesting if you changed it up. So, have a Mediterranean style kitchen, or an Asian inspired bedroom. No matter what aesthetic you’re going for, just be sure you furnish and decorate your room, so that it can be changed up as well. After all, your tastes will change over time, and sticking to one style may bore you. So be sure that your furniture and decorations accommodate the style you might want to implement in the future.

Well, that’s it from me today, I hope this has helped you with your own interior decorations and home aesthetic, and if you like this post, or any others, please don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment, share and follow me, here on my website, on YouTube, on my social media channels and on Patreon. Your donations really help me make more content like this.

And as always, be kind, be creative and be unique.

I’ll see you later!

Feather out!

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