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5 Summer Home Decor Ideas

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the new and improved Feather’s Charm website! It’s been a while in the making, but we’re finally here, and to start us off with this new section, let’s take a look at some decor ideas that can help you elevate your home for the summer.

Summer Home Decor

Even home decor items follow trends and seasons, and I love watching them change, as the seasons do. Although some trends never get old, there are those that surprise me and even give me inspiration, both for my Sims Builds, and my own home. So, here are 5 summer home decor ideas, to help you dive into summer.

1. The Coastal Vibe

Nothing says summer like the beach, and all things coastal. So, keep your home relaxed with the blues, whites and even sandy yellows of the sun, sea, and sand. Of course, for those who don’t really want the sharp contrast, you can keep things neutral. Instead of the deep navy blues, why not go for a lighter colour, and use lighter wood in your furniture.

Coastal Sitting Room

By starting with a neutral base, like white, you can add that pop of colour in your fabrics and decor. So, use blue cushion covers, and maybe have a wooden sculpture or two placed around. Or even throw a woven rug down on the floor, to really make it feel beachy. You can even use furniture made from reclaimed wood. No matter what it is, the coastal vibe will always be a summer favourite.

2. White, Light And Bright

One of the best themes for the summer is bright and neutral colours. That means, whites, pales, nudes and even some pops of bright colours. When you start off with a neutral palette, you can then build on it by incorporating more colours. By doing so, you won’t be limiting the colour choices you make.

White Kitchen
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For example, if a room has light woods and neutral colours, like whites, peaches, creams and even a dash of very pale yellows, you can then build on these colours with complimentary colours. Pale blues and greens can add a sense of light and airiness, and for that pop of colour, to help you ground the room, you can add some contrasting colours in your decor. Use darker tones for vases or figurines that you may want, to decorate your tables. The choice is yours.

3. Stand Out With Stripes

Tying in with the whole coastal theme, fill your home with stripes! They can be as bold and chunky as you’d like, or as thin and subtle. Whatever style you’re going for, use stripes in your fabrics and textures. They will help with being a contrast against the whiteness and brightness of your furniture.

Striped Decor

Cover your floors with woven striped rugs or fill your sofas with textured cushion covers that mimic stripe patterns, or lay out a striped throw, in your living room. No matter which room you’re in, have at least one stripe-patterned fabric piece. This will really give your home that coastal feel for the summer.

4. Leafy Greens

Nothing contrasts the airiness of white and neutral furniture like green plants. I don’t need to tell you how grounding leafy plants are. They provide the perfect contrast to white and light furniture. So, instead of just floating in the clouds, you can be sure you’re still on Earth with a few houseplants here and there.


If you’re like me, and you’re not always on top of your watering game, then one of the best plants to get are cacti and succulents. They are fairly low maintenance and will need watering every so often. They thrive on desert climates, so you’re golden!


Of course, for the more adventurous botanists, try livening up your rooms with hanging plants, or leafy plants, like the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum). They require a little more work, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t feel like you’re floating in the clouds all day long.

5. White Walls And Barn Doors

If going white in your fabrics is too daring, especially if you have kids around the house, why not have white walls instead? The walls, ceilings and floors of your home are the foundation on which your own style can be built. So, start with white! And to switch things up, use barn doors to make things more interesting.

Rolling Barn Door

The use of sliding barn doors for your home is a trend that has skyrocketed in recent months, and I for one love it! It’s especially useful in small homes because they don’t take up too much space! Instead of swinging open, which could take up at least a meter (or 3 feet) of your room, use a sliding barn door to save space. These are perfect additions for any house in general, and if you’re big on DIY, they shouldn’t be too hard to make!

Stay Cool With These Summer Home Decor Ideas

This year, summer is all about the coast, woven and striped fabrics, and white walls and furniture! So, will you be including these ideas into your home? Or do you have your own decor style. No matter what it is, summer is the perfect time to float and unwind. Beat the heat with these light and airy styles. And no matter what, remember to stay hydrated and cool, when the summer heat comes!

Summer Heat

Well, that’s it from me today! I’ll be back next time with more home décor and interior design ideas, tips, tricks and trends all ready for you to try out in your own homes. And don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow, and share this post, my website, and my social media channels, to get the latest updates and the newest posts from me! I’ll see you guys soon.

With love,

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