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5 Tips To Organise Your Office

Hello Everyone!

It’s time for another section to get a blog post, and today, we’re talking about organisation, and especially organising your office space. Now, I personally don’t have an office at home (I work from my desk in my bedroom), but if I did have an office, I already know what I want to do, to keep it organised, and clean. Why? Why not!

5 Tips to Organise Your Office

Your office is one of the spaces where you spend the most time, especially if you work from home. So, it’s always a good idea to keep it organised and clean, so that even if your work life is busy, you know where everything is, and you don’t need to dig under piles of documents to get to whatever it is you need. So, here are my 5 tips to organise your office.

1. Maximise Your Desk Drawers

If your desk has drawers attached, or if it comes with drawers, then use that space! I don’t just mean throw anything and everything in there. Use dividers, small desk tidies and even storage trays to organise the items in your drawers.

Organised Stationery

For example, you might use the top drawer to hold your stationery. Use the storage trays to separate your pens and pencils, or your staples from your erasers. You can even arrange your stationery by colour! There are lots of possibilities, and you don’t have to stick with one. You can even change them around as much as you’d like. Just remember to keep it tidy.

2. Magazine Holders Or Cable Hideaways

One of the most innovative uses for magazine holders, I’ve found online, was to use them as cable tidies! Literally, these boxes are perfect for hiding cables that you don’t want to see! So, if you have extra-long cables that don’t know where they want to go, use magazine holders to hide them away. They won’t look out of place on your desk, and you won’t have to see those pesky cables anymore!

Magazine Holder Charging Station

If you can’t use them for cable tidies, don’t worry, there are still plenty of other uses for your magazine holders. Why not use them as makeshift charging stations for your gadgets! Put them on their side and cut holes in the bottom (if they don’t already have any), and charge away! There are other great uses for magazine holders around your home, and you can be sure I might just list some of them later!

3. Use Your Wall – Hook ‘Em Up!

If you have many items with tags or loops at the handle, or if you can easily dangle them on a hook, why not hook them up to your wall? You can easily find hooks that can hold a lot of weight, and not damage your walls. So, instead of cluttering up your desk space, clutter up your wall space!

Wall Hooked Items

You can use adhesive hooks, if you’re renting your home, instead of actually drilling into the wall. This will make it easier for you, especially if you’re running out of desk space or storage space. Not only that, but the hooks will also make things easier to reach for. So, no need to shift anything, or open up any drawers. Simply grab the item you need, et voila! You’ve got it.

4. Keep Your Desk Free

If you suffer from a busy desk, chances are your mind will be busy too. The clutter on your desk will add to your stress because cleaning it up will be a constant worry at the back of your mind. So, don’t let it be a problem. Leave your desk clean and free of anything other than the big hardware (like your computer and computer monitor).

Clean Desk

Take away all the extra little things, like notebooks, stationery, and any decorations, which could prove a distraction. Put them away in drawers, on shelves, or even in a closet. That way, your desk will be clear of any clutter and your mind won’t worry about it all the time.

5. Change Up Your Lighting

Sometimes, a desk lamp will take up too much space, so opt for a wall lamp or a standing lamp. That way you have more desk space and the light from a standing lamp is farther reaching, so it doesn’t just light up a small area on your desk. It can also light up your room. So, if you’re working at night, the contrast between a dark room and your desk isn’t so noticeable, and it’ll help you ease out of work mode.

Fairy Lights On Shelves

You can even use fairy lights to line your shelves or pinboard, to highlight the other supplies you have and give a nice cosy feeling to the room. In fact, fairy lights are cheaper and more efficient than regular bulbs, since they’re made from LED lights, which last longer, and many come with built-in timers and other functions to help save on electricity.

Those Are Your 5 Tips To Organise Your Office!

There you have it! My 5 tips on organising your office, to help you work more productively and in a nicer environment. Oh, and here are some bonus tips to make your office more cosy!

1. Light A Candle Or Use Diffuser Sticks For Scent

Scent is the perfect way to help keep you relaxed. If you’re working on something stressful, by introducing a good scent into the room, you can be sure that your stress levels won’t go too high, since the smell will help keep you calm.

2. Have a Blanket Basket

When you’re working, you may forget to turn on the heating, or you’re trying to save on energy in the winter, so keep a blanket basket in your office, to grab one, when it gets a little chilly.

3. Decorate With Plants

Plants are one of the most decorative and comforting things you can have in your office. They’ll help make it feel cosier and if you’re not one to take care of them, you can always use fake plants instead.

Home Office

Well, that’s it from me today! I’ll be back next time with more organisation and home cleaning tips to help keep your home smelling, looking and being fresh and clean for any guest you might have. And don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow, and share this post, my website, my YouTube channel, and my social media channels, to get the latest updates and the newest posts from me!

And as always, be kind, be creative and be unique.

I’ll see you later!

With love,

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