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Base Game Warehouse Conversion | Sims 4 – Stop Motion Build | No CC

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while! I’ve had a lot going on recently, and I will talk about it in another post, but now that I’m back, let’s dive into things! Today’s post will be a follow-up to one of my earlier Sims Build videos, the Sims 4 Base Game Warehouse Conversion.

Spoiler Alert: It’s all base game compatible.

That means that the whole property only contains items from the base game. So, if you don’t have any of the expansion, game, or stuff packs that EA continuously promote, don’t worry. You don’t need them. All you need is the original game and you’re all set!

Sims 4 Base Game Warehouse Conversion

Now, this is a very different video from the last one I made, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do, because it’s the first video I made in this series, and I’m actually really proud of it. It’s to the point where even I want to live in a bungalow like it!

Anyway, on with this video, you can watch it below!


Sims 4 | Base Game Warehouse Conversion

Let’s start with my favourite room in this build, because, as mentioned in my previous post, I have favourite rooms in each build I make. For this one, my favourite room is the office. Why? Check out those shelves!

Shelves for the office

I am absolutely over the moon by these shelves because they took forever to do. I wanted to practice using the T.O.O.L Mod and the Better BuildBuy Mod by TwistedMexi. Oh, and don’t panic! You don’t need to download these mods to download the build. The mods are for me, for when I create and decorate the builds I make.

The living area

Anyway, these shelves are my pride and joy in this build because it does look like proper shelves, where books are stood up, and not on their back. I don’t know about you, but I do get annoyed that the book decorations that The Sims have are very limited and placements on shelves are only set to the 5 or 6 placements that can clip to them. I’d prefer it if the shelves were a little more flexible.

The desk

Nevertheless, I’m proud of these shelves, and I love the whole exposed and painted bricks of the office, it really makes it feel industrial and old, like a back room or a back office, in the old warehouse. I also love the little art corner as well. In fact, I made this warehouse conversion with an artist in mind. After all, they’d probably want the big space, where the living room is, for their art (in real life). So, for those of you who love artistic Sims then this property is perfect for them!

The Inspiration

For this build, I was inspired by some other Simmers, like James Turner (aka The Sim Supply – as he used to be called) and Devon Bumpkin, who do a few realistic builds that really inspired me to do something similar. Also, at the time, I was just starting the show called Good Bones, which again, I highly recommend, if you’re into home renovation shows (I’ll talk about this in another post as well!).

Good Bones - A Renovation Show

I was inspired to create a “converted warehouse” build, because why not! And, in the UK, we have a lot of conversions, where old homes and old warehouses are converted into flats and actual homes. So, I thought I could emulate this in The Sims.

What’s In It?

As I mentioned before, the build is perfect for any artistic Sim, because of the big windows, the large living space and even the games space in the loft. Oh, and yes, I managed to fit a piano in here as well!

The Piano In The Games Area

Now, in summary, the build has:

  • 1 Bedroom

  • 2 Bathrooms

  • 1 Living/Bar Space

  • 1 Kitchen Dining Area

  • 1 Games & Piano Area

  • 1 Front Garden

  • 1 Outdoor Storage/Workshop

  • 1 Office/Art Studio

I wanted to keep the whole old warehouse style, so there is a back area where the bins would be, and I thought sticking the workshop bench outside would be a good idea, because there’s space enough for it, and it doesn’t disturb the decorative order of the inside of the building.

Of course, you can change the games area into a studio, so there will be more space for those artistic Sims who would prefer to focus on their art, instead of their social life.

The Games Area

You can also add a basement if you wanted, to store all your Sims’ artwork, or even create a private gallery. I didn’t include this because I didn’t want to, since most warehouses don’t have functional basements, at least for some of the warehouses here in the UK.

The Kitchen

Mini Bar and Book Nook

The Bedroom

It’s Credit Time

As always, there are a few credits that I need to give, for this video!

The Visuals:

The Game: The Sims 4 – EA Games & Maxis

The Floor Plan: Rollos_Floorplan

My EA ID: FeatherCharm

The Lot Name: Base Game Warehouse Conversion

The Music

"Sincerely" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

"Easy Lemon (60 second)" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Final Word

I’m rather proud of this one because I am used to having all the expansion, game, and stuff packs, it’s rather hard to find the right objects when the one you want is in one of these packs. I may do another base game property again one day. Let me know what you think. And if you have any requests, please feel free to let me know. I’ll see what I can make for you!

Well, that’s it for now! Which build do you guys want me to make next? Of course, I’ve already made my next one, but if you have any requests, let me know! For now, don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow, and share this post, my website, and my social media channels, to get the latest updates and the newest posts from me! I’ll see you guys soon.

With love,

Feather's Charm Sign Off

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